Binance NFT & Ocean Mollu Airdrop

Ocean Mollu is a 3D ocean element Play To Earn metaverse based on Web3.0

Binance NFT & Ocean Mollu Airdrop


Register Binance:

Ocean Mollu mystery box airdrop competition
Ocean Molu will be launch on Binance NFT Mystery Box

Participate in the Gleam event to win the Ocean Mollu Mystery Box AS  1000$

Activity rules

Fill in the gleam form, RT and invite friends to participate in the activity.

We will randomly select 10 users from the users who complete the task to distribute Ocean Mollu Mystery Boxes.

During the event, complete the invitation to the top 3 valid users and receive additional 3NFT-Mollu, 2NFT-Mollu, and 1NFT-Mollu rewards.

Activity task

1. Follow the official Twitter of ocean mollu:

2. RT and invite friends

3. Join the ocean mollu telegram group:

4. Fill in your Binance NFT UID:

(The winner’s reward will be distributed directly to the Binance NFT account)

What is Ocean Mollu?

Ocean Mollu is a 3D ocean element Play To Earn metaverse based on Web3.0.
Players can earn tokens through skilled game skills and contributions to the ecosystem.At the same time,you can also collect, cultivate, and trade these amazing Mollu, and command them in adventure battles to improve your game skills in your quest to become the new King of the Five Seas in the Ocean Mollu metaverse!

What is special about Ocean Mollu?

·Richer and truer 3D GameFi and immersive experience
The manifestation of Ocean Mollu game has completed the transformation from traditional 2D to 3D. The 3D technology intervention in the game breaks through the fixed visual way of thinking in traditional 2D games, bringing players a sense of real space and experience.
·Diversified initial choices
In the game,the battle pet Mollu will have eight occupations and more than 1,000 component combinations in the early stage. Each Mollu has unique attributes, rich elements, and more diversified player choices. You can match your favorite combination with your interests, DIY your own Mollu combination team!
·Deflation mechanism
In Ocean Mollu users will consume tokens when they purchase and multiply Mollu to ensure the health of the token economy. In addition, for the healthy development of the project and the community, OMO tokens and OCN tokens have established a Trade-Burn deflation mechanism, each transaction will burn a certain amount of Token, further optimize the bubble, and make the entire token system more stable.
·DAO governance
At the beginning of the establishment of Ocean Mollu, we regarded the community as an important part of the ecology. Therefore, we established the DAO governance pool and made the address public, which will be supervised by the community. With the development of the project and the token system When mature, the governance funds of the DAO fund governance pool will all be used for community development (season rewards, official grants, etc.), and the use will be determined by the community. Ocean Mollu will gradually evolve into a community-based decentralized organization and become a game that truly runs through the DAO.
Ocean Mollu aims to build a 3D Metaverse of diversified virtual reality interactions through NFT asset casting, virtual social networking, crypto asset confirmation, value circulation and the introduction of the new Play To Earn (P2E) model. Through token economy and NFT Fi design, player becomes a new job to help low-income people around the world achieve income growth in the virtual world.

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