Free Palaneum Metaverse Mansion Airdrop

Congratulations to all the lucky participants in the previous Airdrop completed March 9, 2022. Now, we are offering an exclusive NFT Palaneum Metaverse Mansion for the first 10,000 people to complete the form. This NFT is fun and exciting and is compatible with Palaneum virtual metaverse land!

You will have to enter your details in the form only once, as there is a limit of 1 entry per person. The Palaneum Metaverse Mansion has a utility feature that allows it to be placed on a plot of land in the Palaneum Metaverse (coming soon)! Register for your mansion now, and stay tuned for presales on virtual land coming soon.

You must join our Twitter and Discord to qualify for the airdrop so
that your handle can be verified when you complete the form. The social
links to join our channels are at the bottom of the page. *Only 1 entry per person.


Thanks for your submission.

Welcome to the Palaneum metaverse community!

We are a Polygon-based metaverse land and NFT platform in the play-for-rewards gaming space. We are offering a Palaneum Ape NFT airdrop on the Polygon blockchain for joining our Twitter and Discord channels.

The Airdrop of 1 Palaneum Ape NFT (seen right) will be distributed to the first 1,000 users.

View other Palaneum Apes and other NFT assets in the collection on OpenSea:

You must join our Twitter and Discord to qualify for the airdrop. To register, go to and click on the social media links at the bottom of the webpage.


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